Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jennifer Barrette Designs has a new store!

At Scrap Matters!

Today she just released this awesome kit at Scrap Matter and if you go over and purchase $ 10 or more at her store you get it for free! How awesome is that!?

and here is a layout I made with it of my
daughter when she was 18 mos. old:

and just to share... I have to say dh is the best...
he bought me 2 gb of ram to add to the 2 gb I already have and my computer is flying now. I just love how much faster my scrapping goes now that my computer is that much faster! Dh says the faster I can get my scrapping done the more time he can have with me... think I spend too much time on the computer? LOL

I have the best dh ever!! =)


cdanielshafer said...

I love your blog... very cute :)